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Our range of mermaid style wedding dresses are a perfect fit for brides, or those who wish to dress up nicely for a special occasion. With an array of designs, fabrics and colours to select from, we have beautiful fish-tail dresses to serve any purpose.

What is a mermaid wedding dress?

A mermaid dress is a dress style that is designed to tightly fit around the hips and torso, with the bottom of the dress flaring to the floor, in the shape of a fishtail, also known as a fishtail dress.

What can you wear a mermaid dress for?

For whatever occasion you desire, be it a mermaid wedding dress to wow the room, or an elegant modern take on an evening dress for date night.

Our range of fishtail dresses are intended to add a touch of class and a modern take on nightwear, fitted perfectly to help enhance your bodily features.