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Wedding jewellery to suit you, and your wedding. Whether you want a bridal necklace to complement your choice of dress, or a collection of bridesmaid necklaces to suit the theme of your wedding, we provide bridal and bridesmaid necklaces for UK customers.

What jewellery should a bride wear?

A choker or short necklace can be the perfect addition to accentuate your wedding dress and give you the ideal look you desire for the happiest day of your life. Other items of jewellery that wouldn’t be too distracting from the main attraction would also be a subtle pair of hooped earrings, or, not necessarily jewellery, but a flower in the brides hair is always a nice touch.

Do bridesmaids wear jewellery?

It is often tradition to ensure all bridesmaids wear the same dress, but this does not necessarily mean that they should limit themselves to just the dress and matching shoes!

Allow your bridesmaids to explore the range of wedding jewellery we have on offer, in order to avoid too much similarity between your bridesmaids and allow for more individuality in their presentation.